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24 hours a day, seven days a week, trucks are rolling. The drivers of these rigs are also helping to drive the day-to-day commerce that powers our economy. So it’s important that they not only have the knowledge, skill and commitment to help keep our roads safe, but that they are rested and alert whenever they are driving. So the Department of Transportation has established an “Hours of Service” regulation to ensure that drivers get the rest they need to drive safely.

This course on “DOT Hours of Service” discusses the Department of Transportation’s “Hours of Service” regulations, what the regulations themselves require, and what drivers need to do to comply with them.

Topics covered in the course include:
• An Overview of the Regulations
• Keeping Track of Your Time
• 14-Hour Duty and 11-Hour Driving Limits
• 60-Hour/7-Day and 70-Hour/8-Day Limits
• Using the Sleeper Berth Provision
• …and more.