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We’ve all slipped on the snow or ice in the winter…and tripped over a loose piece of carpet or our kids’ toys…and not thought much about it.

But on the job, slips, trips, and falls can be serious problems. In fact, they’re involved in most of the accidents that occur in workplaces now-a-days. They cause 17% of disabling occupational injuries and 15% of on-the-job fatalities… and you don’t have to fall a long way to hurt yourself.

Fortunately, slips, trips and falls can be prevented.

This is a series of seven “Slips, Trips and Falls” courses that contain valuable information about how to identify, avoid and prevent hazards that cause slips, trips and falls. Each version of the course features video and terminology that show the environment and operations of a specific industry.

Versions of the course include:

  • “Slips, Trips and Falls in Construction Environments” (CST)
  • “Slips, Trips and Falls in Food Processing and Handling Environments” (FDS)
  • “Slips, Trips and Falls in Healthcare Environments” (HLC)
  • “Slips, Trips and Falls in Industrial Environments” (IND)
  • “Slips, Trips and Falls in Office Environments” (OFF)
  • “Slips, Trips and Falls in Transportation and Warehouse Environments” (TRN)


…as well as a “general” Slips, Trips and Falls course that can be used in other environments (GEN).

Topics covered in each course include:

  • How your “center of gravity” affects your balance and stability.
  • Defining “slips”, “trips” and “falls”.
  • How to navigate walking surfaces safely.
  • Footwear that will help to prevent slips, trips and falls.
  • How to “fall properly”.
  • … and more.