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We hear about it almost every day: somewhere something bad has happened in a workplace. An employee has been shot by an angry coworker or estranged spouse, a bomb has been set off and people have been injured, or a company’s computer system has been hacked and the credit card information of millions of customers has been stolen. These things don’t just happen “somewhere else”. They can occur in our own city or town…even our own company.

This “Workplace Security” course discusses the importance of “workplace security”, how to identify vulnerabilities in your facility, and the types of policies that need to be included in your Workplace Security Program.

Topics covered in the course include:

• Identifying security issues and vulnerabilities
• Strengthening physical security: Doors, glass and locks
• Strengthening physical security: Lighting, surveillance and alarms
• Cybersecurity: Safeguarding company information
• Controlling access and monitoring visitors
• Dealing with workplace violence
• … and more